Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mango Peach Green Smoothie

So I've been experimenting with quite a few of these smoothies for a lot of reasons. We've gone Vegan for a while so they're dairy free and for anyone who has finicky eaters like my son, it's a great way to sneak in a lot of greens and they don't even care. My son thinks it's yogurt. I don't care what he calls it so long as he drinks it. It looks pretty and is super good for you. The blending process breaks down the leaves for you so your tummy doesn't have to work as hard and you actually get more enzymes this way than if you were just to chew on the leaves in a salad. They're full of antioxidants and you may go into a slight detox healing crisis if you drink a lot of them so just be aware. But it's all good for you. I can definitely say I'm a big fan of green smoothies. This particular recipe is my favorite but I'll be sure to post others if I think they're really good too.

-1 Handful of Fresh Kale (Make it a Hefty Handful cuz this stuff is so good for you)
-1 Handful of Arugula or Baby Spinach
-1 Handful of Parsley
-1/2 of a Medium Cucumber diced
-1 Handful of Green Grapes
-1 Peach with skin
-1 Mango (Get as much off the pit as possible and then squeeze in the rest of the juice)
-1 Kiwi
-1 Small Banana
-1 small scoop of Soy Ice Cream
-4-6 Ice Cubes (Whatever fits)
-Water to blend easier (Or if you want a little more flavor you can do soy or rice milk or a little bit of Mango Peach V-Fusion Vegetable Fruit juice)
-1 Mint leaf to garnish

Toss into blender and blend. Super easy.

Yields about 4 very filling smoothies. The more I have them the more I want them. I recommend using a Vitamix or a really good blender because this will make them smoother and they're better that way so if you don't have one, I would invest in a good blender cuz you won't want to stop after making just one of these. I'd love a Vitamix but I have a Cuisinart blender and that does the job very well.

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